April Update

Apologies to all for the lack of recent activity on this site. However the Group has been extremely active on the “geographical site” over the last few months. A significant amount of coppicing has taken place in the early part of this year, cumulating with a  large bonfire on Tuesday 8th March, with many of  our members present. A few of us had the presence of mind to bring some potatoes to roast in the fire!

The result of this work has resulted in an opening up of parts of the ground in the area to more sunlight, which will enable more plants and wild flowers to flourish. (Photographs of the result will be in the galley for 2022 shortly). We have now the small problem of dealing with the growth of hogweed  coming through, and we will schedule work parties to do some selective cutting of these plants to ensure they do not dominate the meadow areas.

During Easter, the conservation area was visited by numerous visitors taking part in the Olivers Battery Easter Egg hunt, many of the participants were able to visit the area on a nice sunny day, and enjoy the views.

AND a note from the Chair:

Please do visit the area, we have two events coming up which are:

Friday 6th May at 18:15. Starting from the car park at the recreation ground, we will be walking through the wildlife area to Yew Hill Butterfly reserve and back, taking about 2 hours. We will discover what birds, butterflies  and other wildlife are about in the evening

Sunday 10th July from 14:00 to 16:00 Please come to the Wildlife Area to explore its wildflowers, butterflies and other wildlife with members of  the Olivers  Battery Countryside Group

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