Here is to a better 2021

Due to COVID 19 restrictions for a large part of 2020,  we had very few work parties  on the conservation area this year. It was a case of letting nature take its course. However, we were rewarded with an impressive display of Ox eye daisies on the meadow during the early summer. In the autumn  the group entered the  Olivers Battery Parish Council Scarecrow Competition. We achieved a creditable second place with St Melangell , patron saint of hares. Well done to all those who participated, (see also 2020 photos)

We achieved some management between lockdowns and some bramble was removed. A full grass cut was undertaken in the autumn aided with some very impressive scything from Adrian.

Due to further restrictions imposed from today (5th January 2021) we are unlikely to have work parties for some time, but please visit the area as part of your permitted exercise, and let us know what you find.

Your website editor is still learning about this process, so please be patient, necessary amendments to content will be made , and further photos (with captions) will follow in time.

Happy New Year to you all



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