2007 Diary

  • Saturday 1st December: A working party to plant some replacement trees at the Wildlife Conservation Area.
  • Sunday 16th September:“Nature’s Harvest” event, a picnic followed by a treasure hunt for autumn fruits for children.
  • Thursday 6th September: Another 3-hour bonfire session disposed of the remains of the hay pile. The ashes were spread on the bramble patch.
  • Thursday 30th August: In view of the large quantity and need to prevent build-up of nutrients it was decided to burn the hay which is not of any use for fodder due to the presence of ragwort etc. A two-hour bonfire session cleared around a third of the pile.
  • Friday 10th August: The meadow area of the CA was mown. This resulted in a pile of hay around 40 feet long by 3 feet wide and 2-3 feet high.
  • Thursday 9th August: Moth Evening at the CA.
  • Friday 3rd August: A species recording session at the CA. Red bartsia was noted.
  • Saturday 7th July: Tree Identification session during a brief break in the wettest May to July since records began.
  • Thursday 21st June: An informal Bat Walk at St Cross. Between showers, members of the group sat in the garden of the Bell for long enough to ensure that darkness had fallen, before venturing along the river with a bat detector. Home by torchlight via Whiteshute Ridge.
  • Monday 18th June: Evening bramble pulling session at the Wildlife Conservation Area.
  • Monday 11th June: Evening plant identification session at the Wildlife Conservation Area.
  • Saturday 9th June: Site meeting at the Wildlife Conservation Area with a consultant ecologist over future management and species recording.
  • Friday 25th May: A morning session at the Wildlife Conservation Area pulling brambles and clearing thistles around the young trees. In the afternoon an oak bench was installed.
  • Monday 21st May: AGM was followed by a ‘sundown stroll’ to the Wildlife Conservation Area. Campions and yellow rattle in abundance, with thistles and poppies.
  • Thursday 17th May: OBCG Committee meeting to discuss forthcoming events and the possibility of a website.
  • April: With the driest April and the warmest 12 months (April-April) since records began, OBCG bought some water bowsers. Members of the group made sorties to the Wildlife Conservation Area to water the young trees and shrubs.
  • Tuesday 13th March: OBCG Committee meeting to discuss the implications of the winding up of the Hanson Environment Trust following the last Budget.
  • March: OBCG consulted an ecologist about future management plans. Very dry for much of the month. Some replacement trees planted.

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