2008 Diary

  • Sunday 12th and 26th October: Working parties at the Wildlife Conservation Area.
  • Saturday 11th October: The group was represented at the Greening Oliver’s Battery Campaign launch event at Oliver’s Battery Primary School.
  • Sunday 28th September: Working party at the Wildlife Conservation Area. Clearing up unwanted areas of bramble and burdock.
  • Friday 20th June: Ben Spraggens again brought his specialised mowing machine to the Wildlife Conservation Area to mow the meadow. A gang of four laboured to rake the hay clear. Near disaster with a bottle.
  • Friday 13th June: The group did a Bat Walk along the River Itchen, with a couple of bat detectors. We met at the Durngate entrance to Winnall Moors at 8pm and first walked around the public part of the nature reserve, where assorted wildlife was spotted including a water vole and a pair of Orange Backed Community Support Officers. Tremendous bat activity was seen on the river at the back of the Ship Inn as the light faded. We then followed the river through the town as far as Wharf Hill before adjourning to the Black Boy. The party then split into two, with a small contingent following the river and Badger Farm by moonlight, though by now cats and milkmen were more evident than bats.
  • Sunday 8th June: A working party at the Wildlife Conservation Area concentrated on pulling brambles and ragwort.
  • Monday 19th May: AGM held at the Wildlife Conservation Area. A deer was spotted in the field across the bridleway.  2008 Minutes (pdf)

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