April Notes: The Hampshire Hedge

Tree and hedge management is now over until the autumn, but I thought I would let you all know about this conservation project that is being run by the CPRE – Hampshire (now known as the countryside charity). This project is  called Hampshire Hedge, and the idea is to increase the amount of hedgerows in Hampshire. This is focused at the moment in the area between the national parks of the New Forest and the South Downs (within our locality, it should be noted!). The project consists of repairing existing hedgerows, by, for example, hedge laying, and by planting new hedgerows. The project is being is being very well led by a very enthusiastic project manager, and last autumn five kilometres of new hedgerow was planted. We are hoping to tap into their expertise to perhaps do some hedge laying in the conservation area. If you want more details  about this project, please google ” The Hampshire Hedge”. I will be posting more information about this project when this recommences again in the autumn. 


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